Bird paradise lake neusiedl: “bringing nature to life”.

Not only Corona, but also climate change is affecting the Neusiedlersee National Park. A lot of work for park director Johannes Ehrenfeldner.

Two avocets in the Lake Neusiedl National Park Photo: CHROMORANGEimago

site: Mr. Ehrenfeldner, what is currently the greater challenge for Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel National Park, the corona pandemic or climate change?

Arms industry in china: on the way to number 1

The first report by the peace research institute Sipri on China’s arms companies shows: Western dominance in the industry is crumbling.

China’s arms industry has long since ceased to be as historic as it is here in a Beijing museum Photo: ap/Grag Baker

China has risen to become one of the world’s largest arms exporters. This is shown by the first report on China’s arms industry by the Stockholm-based peace research institute Sipri, which will be published on Monday and is available to the taz in advance.

Reissue of british essay volume: aquarium or fish soup

British historian Timothy Ash’s volume of essays on the turnaround in Central and Eastern Europe was a success in 1990. It has been reprinted.

Timothy Garton Ash, British publicist, at the presentation of the 52nd Theodor Heuss Prize 2019 Photo: dpa

It was the U.S. writer and Nobel laureate William Faulkner to whom we owe one of the most apt remarks on the historicity of human beings: "The past is not dead, it is not even past."

Supermarkets with vegan products: veganz cannibalizes itself

"Veganz files for insolvency," wrote online media. "Fake news!" the company whined back. What’s going on at the animal-free supermarket chain?

Everything without animals: shelves in the Veganz supermarket Photo: dpa

It’s quaint times when even vegan supermarket chains throw Trump formulas around. "Fake news," the Berlin-based start-up Veganz accused the news portal Spiegel Online last week in a post that has since been deleted. That had headlined "Veganz files for insolvency" last week. And actually straight again a Veganz supermarket had closed: After the Munich branch last August, the Frankfurt location now closed at the beginning of the month. What is going on there?

In memory: the first year of the jasmine revolution in tunisia

Rally on Avenue Bourguiba in central Tunis shortly after the fall of Ben Ali in January 2011 Photo: Renate Fisseler-Skandrani

The self-immolation of street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi on December 17, 2010, in Sidi Bouzid triggered spontaneous mass protests that led to the flight of dictator Ben Ali on January 14, 2011. Immediately, the opposition parties of Nejib Chebbi, Mustapha Ben Jaffar and Ahmed Brahim, which had been gagged under the dictatorship but were legal, turned to the public. Moncef Marzouki, former president of the Tunisian League for Human Rights, Ben Ali’s opponent in previous presidential elections, returned to Tunisia. His Congress for the Republic party was admitted.

A bang for the buck was when Rached Ghannouchi, founder of the moderate Islamic party Ennahda, banned under Ben Ali, returned after 20 years in exile. During the dictatorship, thousands of its sympathizers sat in Tunisian prisons and were tortured. The communist workers’ party "PCOT" of Hammam Hamami, who lived underground for years, also received its license. Human rights activist Sihem Bensedrine returned, and her radio Kalima is now on the air in Tunisia.

Weekly preview berlin: small pauses for breath

At the Volksbuhne, a work of art points out child abuse and the Brandenburg Gate celebrates its 225th birthday.

Hustle and bustle in front of the Brandenburg Gate, including carriages Photo: dpa

Anyone who currently prefers to cycle through Berlin because of the beautiful, not too cold and not too hot weather and the pleasant, holiday-induced emptiness does not automatically have to be annoyed by the election posters that now so penetratingly catch the eye everywhere. There are also other, quite more interesting views, at which one can stop briefly and catch one’s breath.

Resistance to water privatization: hydro dispute in thessaloniki

In Greece’s second largest city, people are resisting the privatization of the state waterworks. So far with success.

Selling out the water supply: in Thessaloniki, citizens are resisting state privatization plans. Photo: dpa

At the recent May Day rallies in Greece, employee representatives of the water utilities attracted attention with a protest action based on the German model: "Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna and other cities in Europe say NO to the privatization of the water supply – follow their example," placards read.

Storm harvey in the usa: houston in chaos, louisiana threatened

Tropical Storm Harvey continues to rage in the south of the USA – there is no relief in sight. 30,000 people are to be moved to emergency shelters.

At Tidwell Road in east Houston, aid workers try to bring a boat ashore Photo: Reuters

Storm "Harvey" has thrown the U.S. metropolis of Houston and other places in Texas into chaos. Streets were flooded, hospitals and airports had to close. The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) spoke of "unprecedented flooding." "Harvey" is expected to increase in strength again in the coming days. A state of emergency has also been declared for Texas’ neighboring state of Louisiana.

Stuttgart 21 in italian: export hit rail protest

Tunnel or no tunnel? Near Turin, angry demonstrators want to prevent a rail construction project. But the EU is putting pressure on Italy’s government.

Camera… and action! Protests in Chiomonte on Monday. Image: dapd

Protests, street fights, barricades: Thousands of citizens protest against 2,000 police officers who use force to defend a train station construction site. Fighting breaks out. The police use tear gas. The demonstrators respond with stones, firecrackers, chairs – or throw any other object they can find. The police break through the barricades, and the opponents are blown apart. 25 officers and five activists are injured.

Spd resolution against expropriation: no expensive actionism now

Unlike its Green and left-wing coalition partners, the Berlin SPD has decided to oppose expropriation petitions. That’s a good thing, says our author.

Is not an SPD position: demand on house wall for expropriation of Deutsche Wohnen Photo: dpa

Just be brave for once, put aside the reservations and set a clear signal. The argumentation of the ultimately defeated expropriation friends at the SPD party conference on Saturday had quite something. A courageous demand comes superficially regarded naturally better, than soberly to weigh, boringly to recalculate and tediously to estimate consequences.